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Chinese brands gain popularity in overseas market

Date: 2019-10-15

Chinese brands keep expanding in overseas markets and an increasing number of them are becoming global household names and premium labels.

According to investigation data released by Google, the export sales, brand power and Googled indexes of Chinese brands all rose rapidly in overseas markets in 2018.

Fifty Chinese brands made "the list of Chinese overseas brands" in 2018, an increase of 20 since the first list was published a year earlier. Among the companies listed were internet giant Alibaba and cross-border e-commerce brands Anker and Aukey.

"Brand power" is a quantitative index about customers' purchase predispositions. The data also showed that the search volume gap between Chinese brands and global ones has been reduced by 29 percent in the past five years. About 61 percent of general Chinese brand power was contributed by consumer electronics, mobile games and e-commerce products.

Except for the big names on the list, there were also brands that are not well-known in China but popular in overseas markets. Successful cases were classified into three general types.

The success of the first type lies in innovative products. Anker, a brand created by Anker Innovations Technology Co Ltd, offers mobile power supply banks, USB chargers, cables, bluetooth headsets and speakers and mobile phone support, which surpass other brands of the same price in terms of design and quality, winning it a good reputation abroad. Yang Meng, CEO of Anker, used to be an senior engineer at Google and won the "Founder's Award", the company's highest accolade. He then founded the Anker in 2011 and cooperated with a company in the US whose storage centers and logistics network guaranteed customers in Europe and America can get their products within one to three days after online payment.

Two fast fashion brands, Sheln and Zaful, mainly boast an efficient operation model. It only takes Zaful one or two weeks to design and launch new products, meaning it can introduce 50 to 100 new products each day. In addition to its fair price, Zaful is rather popular with foreign female customers. The two brands have also prioritized brand building by attracting fans in operation communities and social media channels.

Light In The Box is a cross-border e-commerce operator founded in 2007 that was listed on New York Stock Exchange in 2013. It is mainly engaged in wedding dresses, clothing and 3C (computer, communication and customer electronics) products. By cooperating with domestic suppliers, the online seller provides products with lower prices on a larger scale.

In the near future, there will be more Chinese brands trying to get into global markets and create their reputations among foreign customers. To achieve this goal, companies will have to make quality products, adopt efficient operation models and expand distribution channels.

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