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Notice for Stand Dismantling

Date: 2019-04-30

I. The booth construction and teardown, under the uniform command of the East China Fair Exhibition Office, shall accord with the Administrative Provisions for Fire Safety of the Exhibition Industry of Shanghai.

II. The booth construction personnel shall enter the exhibition hall with their booth Construction Badges issued by the East China Fair Security Office, for move-in and move-out. Construction Badges will be used for booth construction from

26th to 28th Feb, and for move-out period.

III. The floor load of exhibition hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center is within 3,000 kilograms per square meter (i.e. 3,000 kg/m2). The floor load of impact or vibratory samples shall be within a half (50%) of the load above.

IV. The booth construction and teardown units shall not dismantle, reconstruct, damage or foul the original structures or facilities, e.g. doors, windows, pillars, walls. The walls shall not be nailed or bored. A Trolley with rubber wheels or nylon wheels

V. It’s forbidden to use nylon elastic cloth for booth construction. It’s also forbidden to take combustibles, explosives or radioactive articles into the exhibition hall, but these articles, if specially needed, may be admitted to the exhibition hall,

subject to the security office’s approval upon detailed materials offered by the booth construction and teardown unit. In addition, such articles shall be placed at a designated place and kept by a person specially assigned for the task.

VI. The booth construction and teardown units shall not move the equipment or facilities originally equipped in the booths at will.

VII. If any particular demand for building a booth, the booth construction and teardown unit must contact the exhibition office in advance for approval, and the building shall not be commenced before such approval.

VIII. If any question or requirement during the exhibition session, the booth construction and teardown unit can contact the field personnel of the exhibition office for solution.

IX. In order to guarantee the safe use of power in the exhibition hall, the booth construction and teardown units shall not dismantle, move, increase or reduce the original electrical equipment or lighting fixtures at will. The specified power consumption is 500W per standard booth.

X. It’s forbidden to use iodide tungsten lamps for booth construction. If additional circuit(s) is needed for electric appliances such as lighting fixtures and advertising lamps, the exhibitors must not connect the wires by themselves but contact the field personnel of exhibition office in advance for help.

XI. The booth construction and teardown units must comply with the power utilization regulations, and their electricians must be qualified ones with relevant certificates and comply with operation specifications for safe use of power.

XII. The distance between a show plate and a wall must be at least 50 cm, The vertical orthogonal projection of a special booth shall not exceed the scope of reserved open space, the culmination point of the projection shall not be more than 4.45 meters, otherwise the booth must be dismantled upon the order of exhibition office.

XIII. It’s forbidden to use any electric cooking equipment in the exhibition hall.

XIV. Wood structures shall not be used for specially arranging a booth. If a wood structure is needed, fire-proof treatment by fireproof material or fire-refractory coating must be made for the wood structure in advance. Any transformer shall not be directly fixed onto a combustible.

XV. The booth construction and teardown units must take good care of the booths. Both the show plates and show shelves shall not be nailed or bored, otherwise the

XVI. If overtime work is needed during booth construction, the booth construction unit must apply for such overtime work with the exhibition office before 14:00 of the very day, and bear the fees related.

XVII. No smoking is permitted in the exhibition hall.

XVIII. The booth construction and teardown units must coordinate with the fire prevention inspection organized by East China Fair. It’s forbidden to pile any articles on a fire safety passage, if such articles are lost, the exhibitor must bear the liability by itself. The measures for rectification and improvement put forward by the fire prevention group must be executed immediately.

XIX. The booth construction and teardown units must comply with related regulations, otherwise they shall bear any liabilities related to property loss or casualty, if any.