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Cookies Policy

Date: 2019-06-24

The Cookie Policy introduces our use of Cookies on the ECF official website, other authorized media, and related sub-sites.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded and stored on your devices. The ECF official website uses Cookies, web beacons, pixels, and JavaScript to collect information and recognize your devices. When a visitor is redirected to a third party website, the Cookies will be set and managed by the website. The Cookies may be used to deliver the latest fair updates to registered users.

How ECF uses Cookies

Clicking on “Agree” when you receive the Cookie policy notice on ECF official website and its authorized media platforms means you allow our use of Cookies.

ECF and its authorized media platforms use two kinds of Cookies:

Analytics Cookies

Analytic Cookies helps ECF to optimize its official website. The Cookies collect information such as IP addresses, dates and times of page visits, most visited pages, and pages that do not function.

Advertising and other Cookies

Advertising Cookies are used to deliver customized updates based on your previous visits, limit the number of times you see the same update, measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, and recognize your identity information when visiting ECF official websites with social media accounts.

Please note that when using a third party product or service, your information will adapt to the policies of the third parties employing these Cookies. We do not hold any legal liability for any inappropriate information use or leak conducted by the third party.

Manage and delete Cookies

You can stop our use of Cookies on your devices by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser.

Please note that by changing the Cookies setting, some features of ECF official website and its authorized media may not function as intended.

Change of Cookie Policy

We will update our Cookie Policy and Cookie List if the involved Cookie polices and settings are changed. Continuing to use our website means you agree to our revised Cookie Policy and allow our further collection of information.

Minors’ use of the ECF official website

We highly value the protection of minors’ information. If you are a minor, we suggest you have your guardians read our Cookie Policy carefully and continue to use our website with approval from your guardians.

The Cookie Policy was last updated on April 17, 2019.